Re: Compressor Stall at Takeoff?

Date:         09 Dec 97 03:54:23 
From: (Larry Martin)
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Karl Swartz wrote in message ...
>>Needless to say, the pilot continued the takeoff roll and the flight
>>proceeded normally.
>I'm surprised.

I (as a passenger) experienced a compressor stall in the number two
engine in a Delta 727 doing Tampa-Dallas some years ago.  Same deal -
loud bang.  We began a slow turn back to the airport and the captain
came on the PA and, in a very shaky voice, told us we were returning to
Tampa. Some moments later he is back on the PA in an equally shaky voice
telling us it was a minor problem and that safety was always "their
number one concern at Western Airlines".  This was soon after Delta had
bought them.  His "command voice" didn't do much to calm the passengers
and the little old lady sitting next to me almost broke my arm holding
on.  Fifteen hours later I finally landed at Yuma, Arizona but that's
another story.......

Larry Martin