Re: A340-500/600 vs. B777-200X/B747-200X etc.

Date:         01 Dec 97 02:33:57 
From: (KJ Bogart)
Organization: Asahi Net
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> >A 777-400X would be well suited to the Japanese domestic market e.g.
> I think that's more likely than charter work.  BTW, it's HND, not NRT,
> and at the other end it may still be OSA.

Well, TYO-OSA might be a smart designation for the whole market, as there
are ex-NRT and ex-KIX flights around. The old Osaka airport, Itami, uses
ITM as a three-letter code.

The high-volume domestic market (and reasonably high frequency I believe)
is HND-ITM, then, for the flights between Itami and Haneda.

On a similar note, the characters for Hane-da literally mean "wing field",
as in the wings of birds. The kanji even resembles two wings. Cool, ne?