depleted uranium in air accident

Date:         01 Dec 97 02:33:53 
From:         "solrac" <>
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I'm also worried about the use of depleted uranium in civil aircraft.
Especialy because a DC 10 crashed in my neighbour airport in 1992 - Faro,
21 dec. (Martinair). As a journalist I have made a lot of research about
this accidente and every step I made I became more surprised and
frightening about the dangers that an airplane carries around. All the
systems that dont' work properly. All the information that the crew
forgett to see in this case and so on. In Faro for example the pilot should
never ever
tryed to land because the airfield was flooded. His airplane could never
land there with that conditions. It stays in the boock that the widht of
that airport is not long enough.
My last information is that it is possibel that this DC 10 had DU balanced
weight. Most of the wings and tail, where this weights are built in, where
destroid by fire. Nobody of the rescue team used any kind of proteccion and
nobody really knows if there was any DU.
The victims created a foundation to suport their claims. I'm still in
contact with them, and they are now presenting very strange simptoms of
How or where cann I know if this particular airpane had any DU in it. The
specifications of the airplane are Mcdonnell Douglas DC 10 30F - serial
number: 46924 - Martinair Holland NV. It was built in 1975.
Thank you already for any kind of information...