Re: Confusion over 777 variants.

Date:         01 Dec 97 02:33:51 
From: (James Matthew Weber)
Organization: Customer of Access One Pty Ltd, Melbourne, Australia
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On 29 Nov 97 03:24:26 , (Terry Schell) wrote:
>>I am not a Boeing customer, and if I were, I am sure that someone at
>>Boeing would have sat down with me and explained all the numbering
>>schemes for the 777 and the 737, both of which have spawned lots of new
>>numbers in recent years.
>Wow... you seem to imply that the people making the billion dollar
>purchase decisions aren't even going to spend the 10 min needed to
>understand the boeing naming conventions.
>I can assure you that the numerical suffix that boeing uses to denote
>each variant don't matter at all to the airline decision makers.

I find this whole line very peculiar. If you think this is a problem,
I suggest you take a good look at Airbus did with the A-300,  There
are 11 different models of the A300, they are externally almost all
identical (yes a few are 2 feet longer and 1 inch taller). But unless
you have a tape measure with you, I doubt you are going to notice.
There is nothing about the models numbers that tell you very much.
can you tell me the difference between a A300-B2-100 and an
A300C4-200? (I happen to know what the difference is, so don't bother
telling me).

At least with the 777's,the naming convemtions tell you something
useful about the variant and a -200 and a -300 are physically
different aircraft.

In reality, each airline ends up with its own model. For instance -38
designation such as 747-438 or 747-338, 767-238, 767-338 belong to
QANTAS Airways. There are in fact externally the standard aircraft,
but the internal configuration, certification, engines, MGTOW are
often unique to that particular airline. If you take away the paint
job and the sat antenna if so equipped, a Cathay 747-400, a Qantas
747-400 and a BA 747-400 are going to look very much the same, but
each will have a different model number in the last 2 digits.