Re: Iberias japanese deal

Date:         01 Dec 97 02:33:51 
From:         Marc Schaeffer <>
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Tirtag wrote:
> I've heard that Iberia has lease financed a big deal via japanese banks.

I read the same news and was first also very impressed by the total
financing volume (reported in Yen). But the finance would just have been
big enough to get one A320/B737 !

> Does anybody know which planes the spanish airliner is going to get
> delivered? And how many?

Four months back there was already a discussion about the IBERIA fleet
renewal in this NG. Two months back I heard that IB is about to order 64
new a/c. Since then it has been very quiet. There are several a/c to be
replaced, mainly 28 B727, 6 A300, 4  DC10 and 7 B742. In addition the
24MD87 could be replaced with A319. I think that Iberia also uses DC9 in

Latest news is that the B727 will be equipped with GPS. As Luis Bravo
pointed out in a previous post, the B727 will be replaced with a mix of
B757 and A320, two types IB is already operating. Concerning the
widebody's there are only rumours ... B767-300, A330-200, A330-300HGW,
A340-600 and B777-200. If the MD87 goes to Aviaco the A319 may be
interesting for IB. The A346 to replace the B742 is a pretty safe bet,
since IB is already operating the A343 the B772 makes little sense. The
A300 could either be replaced by A332 or B763, both types not yet
operated by IB. Only the cockpits would be familiar to IB (with the B757
and A340).

I think that the price (of course) and the delivery positions will
decide who gets the deal. By the way does anybody know the first
available delivery positions for the different Airbus and Boeing
products ?

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