Re: 727 inboard leading edge devices

Date:         01 Dec 97 02:33:50 
From:         Matthew Kranz <>
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Andrew Goldfinger wrote:
>      The inboard leading edge devices on the 727 do not deploy by sliding
> forward as do the devices on most other aircraft.  Instead, they rotate
> downward and outward pivoting near the leading edge.  Intuitively, this
> bothers me.  With a "sliding" device, the change in wing shape during
> deployment seems more continuous to me.  Do the 727 devices do strange
> things to the aerodynamics when partially deployed?  Why were the devices
> made in this way?  Is there a name for this type of device?

These devices are called leading edge flaps, or Krueger flaps, presumably
named after the engineer that thought them up. Yes, it does seem rather
unnatural, when compared to slats. But they must work, since Boeing has used
them on the 707, 737, and 747 in addition to the three-holer.

Matthew K. Kranz       COMM/Multi/Inst.
Greensboro, NC         Flight Engineer