Re: Compressor Stall at Takeoff?

Date:         01 Dec 97 02:33:49 
From:         kls@ohare.Chicago.COM (Karl Swartz)
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>Needless to say, the pilot continued the takeoff roll and the flight
>proceeded normally.

I'm surprised.

>A few minutes later, the captain got on the loudspeaker and said that we had
>experenced a compressor stall in one of the engines. He said that it was
>common when taking off into a strong crosswind.

In a recent discussion (archives of sci.aeronautics.airliners are at it was noted that
compressor stalls are not uncommon on the #2 (center) engine of
L-1011s at high angle-of-attack due to the intake being partly blocked
by the fuselage.  It wouldn't be surprising if the same were true to
some degree on the 727.

>Is this true? More importantly, when a compressor stall occurs, is there a
>loss of power in the stalled engine?

Your description certainly sounds like a compressor stall.  Yes, there
is a power loss -- and often damage to the engine, which is why I am
surprised that the flight continued.

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