Re: Payload - Is this correct?

Date:         29 Nov 97 15:40:03 
From: (James Matthew Weber)
Organization: Customer of Access One Pty Ltd, Melbourne, Australia
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On 23 Nov 97 03:04:03 ,, (Mike ) wrote:
>I was reading Flight International's Commercial Aircraft of the World
>and was surprised to find the following:
>B777-200 Max payload (kg) 29050
>A330-300 ''          ''          ''    48400
>A340-300 ''          ''          ''    51300
>Surely the 777 figure cannot be correct?

I am not sure what max payload really is.  Aviation week quotes cargo
capacity, however you could also claim it is the spread between empty
and max landing weight.

According to Aviaition Weeks source book the figures cargo capcity is

                 Cargo               MLW-Empty wt
B777-200  56,500 pounds (25,700kg)  123,000 pounds
A330-300  41,400 pounds (18,800kg)  125,000 pounds
A340-300  45,000 pounds (20,500kg)  134,000 pounds

This strikes me as a meaningless measurement.

The avweek data suggest the Flight data for the 777 is probably in KG,
and the airbus data is probably in pounds.  It isn't far from the
cargo data in Avleak if you make that assumpton