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Date:         29 Nov 97 15:40:02 
From:         "William R. (Bill) Hoscheit" <>
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Luis Manuel Perez Llera wrote in message ...
>Does anybody know if there is any regulation stating that the
>weight-per-wheel is limited in aircrafts due to runways care? In other
>words, the reason for the modern aircrafts wear more wheels than older
>ones is the danger of wheel explosion or the runway strength?

I believe that the issue is based on the load spread, not necessarily a
"weight per wheel" equation, as tire pressure can make a significant
difference (much more an issue in non-commercial aviaiton).

I guess an indisputable response is "it can be".  It can certainly mitigate
whether or not it might operate out of a given airfield.  For example, a
mammoth aircraft, such as the An-225, with its just-as-massive weight,
manages to spread the load effectively enough to operate from even
unimproved or unprepared surfaces.

There is no question that improved runways can reduce landing system wear,
just as reduced per-wheel wieght reduces runway damages.  While regulations
do exist as far as what load a runway can bear, beside other basic design
considerations, it is the desire to operate in these varied environments
that lead manufacturer's/operators to adopt their aircraft more than any
specifc mandate.  A perfect example is the Indian A-320 variant, whose
undercarriage is different than virtually all other operators'.


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