Re: aborted takeoff and brake damage

Date:         29 Nov 97 15:39:58 
From: (David Tyler)
Organization: Air Force Phillips Lab.
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"Steven G. Thomson" <> writes:

>> in my days as a 707 FE, we had charts provided to let us know how
>> long the landing gear had to be left extended to cool them down in
>> in the event of an aborted takeoff immediately followed by a success-
>> ful takeoff.

>Would taking off and planning to leave the gear down for a few extra
>minutes during the initial climb have a significant impact on the rate of
>climb and therefore obstruction clearance/takeoff weight?

good question...  at times, the 80s seem so far away...  :)  ok; with a
strong ``AS I RECALL" clause appended, obstruction clearance charts are
generated using ``gear down" performance anyway (at least for the 707).

i have some old manuals at home; i'll go look and make sure.

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