Re: TWA800 Fuel Tank

Date:         29 Nov 97 15:39:56 
From: (david avery)
Organization: Pacific Bell Internet Services
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In message <airliners.1997.2800@ohare.Chicago.COM> - (Gerard Foley) writes:
>To reduce the probability of a fuselage mounted fuel tank exploding,
>as did the tank in the 747 on TWA Flight 800, why not fill such a tank
>first and empty it last.   Very few airliners exhaust their fuel reserves
>in flight.

Because of the loading on the wings, Fuel carried in the wings puts almost
no stress on the wing - body connection , whereas fuel inthe body puts stress
on the connection. Also for roll stability, fuel in the wings increases the
roll inertia.

Dave Avery
Avia Research
Flight simulator H/W S/W  (Link Mk-1 and GP4)