Re: Saudi MD-11's ???

Date:         29 Nov 97 03:24:34 
From:         Colleen M Wabiszewski <>
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>>Can anyone advise as to the delay in delivery of Saudia Arabian
>>Airline's MD-11's.  A good friend of mine who was scheduled to transfer
>>from the A-300 to the MD-11 has been told to expect to remain on the
>>A-300 and was given no word as to the hold up.  This all comes after he
>>and several other crew members were trained and prepared to take
>>delivery of the MD-11.  The silence from SV is very strange as last we
>>know the 4 MD-11's are sitting in Long Beach ready for delivery.  Any
>>information would be greatly appreciated.

>I have read (World Airline Fleets News [Nov]  via `Blue Print') that one
>of the four MD-11s (they are all Fs) is now bound for Citybird and another
>to Virgin (both as freighters).  However, the report does descibe this as
>speculative info.
>(Though, yes, Virgin does seem interested in a -freighter- as they recently
>started joint freight ops with Malaysian using a Malaysian MD-11F).

There were four SV MD-11Fs parked on the ramp here in Long Beach, but
they were moved to Marana the week before last because they were taking
up space needed for other aircraft waiting for delivery.  The rumors
about Saudi Arabian having financing difficulties are true, they have
not made any payments on the MD-11s or on the MD-90s which are also
awaiting delivery.  The rumor that two of the MD-11s will be delivered
to other customers is highly speculative, no one here at Douglas
(Products Division, no longer DAC, as a result of the "hostile
takeover") has heard that rumor, and we are all still working toward the
SV delivery here.