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Date:         29 Nov 97 03:24:31 
From:         "Rob Wells (WLL)" <>
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Sjoerd Postma wrote:
> Does anybody know if groundcrew responsible for de-icing aircraft need a
> dedicated license by FAA? Of course the ultimate responsibility of
> accepting the aircraft after a de-icing/anti-icing treatment lies with
> the pilot-in-command, but still. So far I know there is no special
> requirement in Europe and most companies do some kind of an in-house
> training program for their de-icing crews. I know there is some concern,
> that those responsible for de-icing aircraft, particularly at smaller
> airports, or those in locations that experienced infrequent ground
> icing, were not so competent at carrying out the task. In addition, that
> the fluids and equipment used to deliver it, was felt to be sometimes of
> unknown quality.

G'day Sjoerd,

For your interest there was a post to this group back in August. The
report mentioned below gives quite a bit of coverage to the training of
de-icing crews.

Rob W. (-:

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Steven J. Lorenc wrote:
> Could someone tell me who is responsible for the de-icing of wings?
> Does each individual airline have it's own crew for that?  I'm looking
> for either the names of some of the manufacturers of the trucks or the
> companies which supply the service.

is an accident report of a fatal accident during de-icing at Montreal;
the report concludes that one of the contributory causes of the
accident was the commercial competition between airline-based
and independent, unregulated, de-icing contractors.

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