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Date:         29 Nov 97 03:24:30 
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Sjoerd Postma wrote:
> Does anybody know if groundcrew responsible for de-icing aircraft need a
> dedicated license by FAA? Of course the ultimate responsibility of
> accepting the aircraft after a de-icing/anti-icing treatment lies with
> the pilot-in-command, but still. So far I know there is no special
> requirement in Europe and most companies do some kind of an in-house
> training program for their de-icing crews. I know there is some concern,
> that those responsible for de-icing aircraft, particularly at smaller
> airports, or those in locations that experienced infrequent ground
> icing, were not so competent at carrying out the task. In addition, that
> the fluids and equipment used to deliver it, was felt to be sometimes of
> unknown quality.

The ground crew responsibile for dd-icing do not have to have licenses,
but must attend a special training class which is certified by the FAA
and pass the test.  And, by the way, that test is not easy..

As for outside the U.S...its true that some other countries do not have
requlations concerning deicing/anti-icing.  But, any U.S. Flag air
carrier who operates outside the U.S. must see to it that the FAA
approved deicing/anti-icing program is applied to their aircraft at
those foreign airports.