Re: A question on ETOPS requirements

Date:         29 Nov 97 03:24:29 
From:         "Arun K. Karwal" <>
Organization: National Aerospace Laboratory NLR
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Tomasz Natkanski wrote in message ...
>Recently I was flying LOT airlines from Newark to Warsaw and prior to the
>departure I saw one mechanic service both engines of the 767. He just
>seemed to be adding some fluid. This leads me to a question or two: For
>ETOPS regulations, can one mechanic service both engines? Also, does LOT
>need ETOPS to operate the transatlantic route using their B767-ER fleet?

A distinction is made between a *maintenance* action and a *serviceing*
action. The latter, e.g. topping up engine oil, can be done by one and the
same mechanic under ETOPS regulations.

Flying transatlantic can be done non-ETOPS, the route that has to be flown
goes via Scotland to Iceland to Greenland to Canada, always within one hour
of a suitable airfield (respectively Shannon, Keflavik, SondreStromfjord,
Goose or Gander are normally 'nominated'). As this is the long way around
and therefore very expensive, one would expect that your LOT flight was
operated under ETOPS rules, so a more direct route can be flown inside the
OTS, and outside one hour flying time from a suitable airfield.

Arun Karwal (B767 pilot)