Re: ETOPS Question

Date:         29 Nov 97 03:24:29 
From:         Exiled Expat <>
Organization: Emirates Internet
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Steve Lacker wrote:
> Rob Wells (WLL) wrote:
> > In Oz it was reported that the APU was definitely non-op. I seem to
> > remember that there was only enough compressed air left for one more
> > attempt to turn over an engine. But perhaps that was an embelishment
> > added by the local tabloids.
> I would say "embellishment." As far as I know, there is NO storage of
> compressed air on board a commercial aircraft- certainly not enough for
> engine starts. The compressed air is fed from a *running* APU straight
> to the engine starter.

On most large aircraft the only place that I know of where compressed
air is stored is in:
The potable water tanks - for drinking water pressure
The hydraulic reservoirs - to ensure positive feed of fluid to the
Both are derived from the engines bleed pressure, or the APU.  In the
case of the water tank pressure is sometimes achieved through the use of
an electrical motor driven air compressor.