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Date:         29 Nov 97 03:24:28 
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>... Air New Zealand are claiming that the delivery flight for their latest
>toy, 767-319ER ZK-NCL, from Seattle to Christchurch late last month is the
>longest ever for a commercial twin engined jet aircraft.  The distance given
>is 12,273 km (6627 nm), and the flight took 15 hours, 20 minutes.

Not even close.  The 767 beat that nearly ten years ago, when on April
18, 1988, an Air Mauritius flew non-stop from Halifax, Nova Scotia, to
Mauritius during a delivery flight.  That flight covered 14,045 km
(7,584 nm) in 16 hours, 27 minutes, 25 seconds.

More recently, Boeing set a new record by flying a 777-200IGW from
Seattle to Kuala Lumpur, leaving March 31 and arriving April 2 during
Malasian Airlines' 50th anniversary celebration.  That flight covered
20,044 km (10,823 nm) in 21 hours, 23 minutes.

>Janes Aircraft Recognition Guide gives the range of the "767" as 6805 nm.
>(I find a lot of of numbers in this book a bit suspect ...

Published range figures often are pretty suspect, but it sounds like
Janes are worse than usual.

>Someone care to recommend a better reference?

For reasonably authoritative numbers, I consult the following web sites:

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