Re: ETOPS question on Aer Lingus A330

Date:         29 Nov 97 03:24:27 
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>this was not qiute as irrational as it seems on QANTAS's part. The
>JT9's are -7R's and are only on the -200's. The CF6's are on the
>-300's. At the time the 767-300ER's were ordered, there was no
>suitable P&W engine as far as QF was concerned ...  The JT9's weren't
>big enough for the -300's, the RB211-524H wasn't being delivered, and
>neither were the PAW4000's.

The JT9D certainly was big enough for the 767-300 -- the first flight
of a 767-300 was powered by JT9D engines!  JAL was the only customer,
however, with 18 examples.

Qantas placed their initial 767-300 order on April 24, 1987.  By then,
the 767-300 had been delivered with JT9D and CF6-80 engines.  It had
also flown with PW4000s, but that combination had not yet been

Lack of deliveries at time of order is not in itself a plausible
reason for an airline to avoid an engine, however, since *somebody*
has to take the first step.  More plausible is that Qantas, like many
JT9D operators, had not had a good experience with them.  When they
ordered their 767-300s, they weren't about to repeat their mistake and
order more Pratts, old or new.  They switched from the JT9D to RB.211
for later 747 orders for the same reason.

>RR had only one customer (I think it still does, BA).

At the time of Qantas' order, RR had no customers at all, since the BA
order for 25 767-300s with RB.211 engines wasn't placed until August
14, 1987.  There's one other customer for RR-powered 767s -- China
Yunnan has three, the last delivered just this past January, with
options for two more.  Nice engines, but you've got to be nuts to buy
them on the 767 because the small world-wide fleet means their resale
value is extremely low.

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