Re: Virgin Atlantic A340 Undercarriage incident

Date:         25 Nov 97 03:26:10 
From:         trevfenn <trevfenn*NOSPAM*>
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Jon Krocker wrote:

> In article <airliners.1997.2639@ohare.Chicago.COM>, trevfenn
> <> wrote:
> >Not all that puzzling really, If they dumped fuel there would have been
> >an outcry from the uninformed public about the plane pouring fuel all over
> >their houses or whatever. Burning it instead of dumping it achieves the
> >same result without feeding a media frenzy.
> The fuel is vaporized as it leaves the dump tube and by the time it hits
> the ground it is spread out over such a vast area that it is virtually
> undetectable.

Yes, Quite correct. As a pilot myself I am aware that any fuel dumped at around
6000 feet or more will not have an impact on the ground below. Try convincing
the public of that fact though.

Trevor Fenn