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Date:         25 Nov 97 03:26:07 
From:         "Rob Wells (WLL)" <>
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John Mackesy wrote:
> There's a book about this event, titled "All Four Engines Have Failed", by
> Betty Toottell, published 1985 by Andre Deutsch Ltd. - I have it before me.
> There  is no mention of APU, but it does say (p52) that the windmilling
> engines continued to provide electrical and hydraulic power.
> It's a good read and has some excellent pix of ash damage to engines.

Do they mention the name of the "gliding club" that was formed
afterwards? Or the name of the volcano that was erupting?

[Moderator's Note: It's already been mentioned in this thread that the
volcano was Mt. Galunggung.  -- Karl]

Rob W.

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