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The Concorde was one of the best examples of how NOT to build an aircraft.
The inefficies were tremendous. Airbus learned from the Concorde experience
and has since been successful.

The United States gained a huge lead in the transport market after W.W.II.
While the Europeans concentrated on fighter aircraft during the war, the
United States concentrated on bomber transports which later were used in
civil airline designs.

The Concorde was the first big effort by the European consortium to enter
the civil market. It was considered a failure at the time. However, from
that failure they gained insight on how to do it the right way several
years later with the introduction of the A-300 and future Airbus aircraft.
Certainly Lockhead and Douglas lost there way over the years allowing
Airbus to become a major player.

The supersonic market was killed in the late 60s and 70s by the Green
movement.  Boeing dropped the SST in response to the political environment
at the time, however, they never totally set it aside, waiting for
technology developments and political changes instead.

The aircraft manufactures have learned a great deal since the development
of the Concorde. Like the British Comet, the Americans have sit back and
learned by the mistakes of others.. The Boeing 707 was a safer aircraft
because of the Comet experiences. The 707 also took advantage of the bad
press that the Comet received during its development and became a huge
success in its time.