Re: AA and UA DC-10's

Date:         21 Jan 97 01:32:29 
From:         "Matthew MacMillan" <>
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Drew Jackson <> wrote in article
> I am curious about American's and United's DC-10's that are still in
> service.  How many does each airline now have in its operational fleet,
> and how long are they scheduled to stay?

United has 22 DC10-10's and 8 DC10-30's in the fleet at the moment.  The
aircraft are being retired at around 5 per annum.  Most are going to FedEx
as part swap for hushkits for some of the 727 fleet.  FedEx are converting
the DC10-10 to freighters with a 2 person Glass Cockpit similar to the MD11
(the converted aircraft will be re-designated MD10).

You can get more info about UA's fleet at one of the 2 home pages
WWW.UAL.COM is the official "Friendly Skyline" or WWW.UALFLTCTR.COM is the
homepage of the Flight Centre where Flight Deck and Flight Attendant
simulator training takes place.

Sorry I dont have any info on AA's fleet but maybe their home page is the
place to start.


Matt MacMillan