Re: Concorde's other customers (There were none in the end!)

Date:         24 Nov 97 03:27:48 
From:         "Mihir Shah" <>
Organization: Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, Virginia
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David Ecale wrote in message ...

> The Russians went on to design (well some of the specs
>*were* smuggled out of France in toothpaste tubes) the Tu144.  This
>was a contender until the spectacular crash at the 1968 Paris Air

Did this happen in 1968?  That was the year the Tu-144 was _introduced_, I
thought.  IIRC, the crash at the Paris Air Show happened in 1973, or
thereabouts (I definitely recall it being in the early 1970's, at least).
Actually, I just found a web site: ,

which does say that crash was in '73.

>After that, only Aeroflot purchased *that* bird.

Were there going to be any other serious customers anyways, even without the
crash?  I can't imagine any airline based in the West that would even
consider it.  Even Eastern Bloc nations probably didn't consider it too
much, at least not before Aeroflot itself started serious service (which
they never did, of course).  In other words, I couldn't really picture
Interflug or LOT purchasing a Tu-144.  Who else?  China did not have good
relations with the Soviets at the time, I believe.  Cuba?  North Korea?  I'm
curious on this one (i.e.:  potential non-Aeroflot customers of the Tu-144,
if there were any).

Mihir Shah