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Date:         24 Nov 97 03:27:48 
From:         kls@ohare.Chicago.COM (Karl Swartz)
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>>>concerning the new colours of China Airlines ...

>>>a logo or a decal ?

>>Yes.  It's a logo, and almost certainly applied to the aircraft using
>>a decal.

>3M made the decal.  On one of the first flights (with the new logo
>decals) many pieces fell off enroute to LAX.  CI was very unhappy
>with 3M.  3M claimed the decal didn't work as expected because of
>the high humidity in Taiwan.  I believe the problem has since been

Apparently they resolved the problem using brute force -- it seems
that Boeing has rolled CI's last several 747-400s out of the paint
hangar at Everett with blank tails, whereupon four or five Chinese
artists show up and *airbrush* the flower design onto the tail by
hand!  (Ok, maybe they do it while it's still in the paint hangar.
Wherever it's done, it's not a decal.)

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