Re: Radioactive material on CV990 ?

Date:         23 Nov 97 03:04:04 
From: (John Wright)
Organization: Janet, me and our cat at home in our little cottage
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On 03 Nov 97 19:20:04 , in <airliners.1997.2571@ohare.Chicago.COM>, I

>Frequently the masses are used as mass balances on the aerodynamic
>surfaces, ailerons and elevators for example, to help balance the air
>load with a physical load, so the mass would be placed in front of the
>pivot for such a surface.  This helps to increase the flutter speed of
>the surface AIUI. You don't want to make the balance weight as small as
>possible to keep within the aerodynamic profile of the surface.

Whoops, I meant you *do* want to keep the balance weight as small as
possible, not you don't. Makes infinitely more sense that way...

John Wright