Re: Radioactive material on CV990 ?

Date:         23 Nov 97 03:04:04 
From: (John van Veen)
Organization: The Inland Northwest Community Access Network
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Woodhams ( wrote:
: (James Matthew Weber) writes:
: >Actually 737-300/400/500 use tungsten weights in the wingtips.
: >Tungsten is nearly as dense as uranium, but is much more difficult to
: >fabricate. My recollection is 10kg per wingtip.
: 10 kg of Uranium (or Tungsten) would be a bit over half a litre at a
: guess - a quite trivial volume compared to the size of a 737 wing. Why is
: density so important? Why is a 10kg (half litre) of Tungsten so much
: better than (say) 10kg (2 litre) of rock?

A bit of a side line to this line:

The Club Med, a wind powered ocean going racing vessel, had a U238 keel.
It, the keel, came apart while the Club Med was in the South Pacific
stranding it, the boat, in Tahiti.  This was about 20 years ago.

Perhaps one of the folks from that side of the planet recalls the story.


There must be a famine comming.
Why else would so many people