Re: Radioactive material on CV990 ?

Date:         23 Nov 97 03:04:04 
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On 3 Nov 1997, James Matthew Weber wrote:
> >- Are there other examples where radioactive materials are employed in
> >civil a/c ?
> It dawns on me there is indeed, and it is on most aircraft. The Exit
> signs that glow  in the dark, use Tritium, the radioactive isotope of
> Hydrogren to light them. It is essentially a luminous dial, but a lot
> less hazardous than using radium.
> Tritium is a low energy Beta emitter, with a fairly short half life
> (about 5 years I think). The Beta energy is sufficiently low that the
> radiation is probably undetectable outside the sign.

Not to mention that if your watch glows it contains tritium.  Also tritium
is used on night sights for firearms. It's relatively harmless.