Re: Question: Fuel Dumping

Date:         21 Jan 97 01:32:28 
From:         Joules Potter <>
Organization: Typhoon
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In article <airliners.1997.233@ohare.Chicago.COM>, Seth Dillon
<> writes

>FWIW the carrier I work for will take an overweight landing and the
>subsequent inspection over dumping fuel most of the time.

I am quite surprised that your company prefers overweight landings, I
have done a few Heavy/Overweight landing checks(mostly on B757, B747
1/200 and DC10 equipment) and it can be a lengthy inspection, especially
if you find damage during the initial 'part A' inspection and have to
move up to the Part B.

Taking an aircraft out of service, with the subsequent impact on the
operation, to carry out checks for an event that is entirely aviodable,
seems an odd way to run an aviation company. I am not familiar with the
powers of the EPA but it sounds like they are two steps down from God.

>The P&D valve on JT8's had to have the "dump" part of it deactivated and
>RB211's had to have a burner drain recovery system installed in the late
>70's.  It seems that to much kerosene was getting dumper on the ground
>during engine shut down.

I am glad they did though, it means mechanics don't have to wade through
a gallon of fuel before they even open the engine cowls. :-)

Joules Potter

Licenced Aircraft Engineer