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Date:         22 Nov 97 20:41:25 
From:         kls@ohare.Chicago.COM (Karl Swartz)
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>>ETOPS regulations, can one mechanic service both engines? Also, does LOT
>>need ETOPS to operate the transatlantic route using their B767-ER fleet?
>The fluid he was probably adding was oil. Yes, one mechanic can service both
>engines. And yes, ETOPS definitely applies to any two engined aircraft
>flying over a large body of water.

No, ETOPS does not definitely apply.  It's quite possible to fly a
twin in revenue service across the North Atlantic under non-ETOPS
rules.  It generally requires flying further north and this longer
flight path means greater fuel burn and higher cost (though WAW-ORD,
which I believe LOT also flies, requires minimal diversion), plus
the unavailability of critical alternates would force cancellation
over 50% of the time, so it's not an option a carrier would choose
under normal circumstances, but it's quite possible.

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