Re: Confusion over 777 variants.

Date:         22 Nov 97 20:41:24 
From: (MegaZone)
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kls@ohare.Chicago.COM (Karl Swartz) shaped the electrons to say:
>>If I recall we have 777-200 (A market), 777-200IGW (B market)
>Right.  There were also some references to an A+ market version, which
>was the A market plane pushed somewhat, but not nearly up to the IGW
>weights and range.

I've seen references in some books to 3 tiers of -200 A market, with
increasing weights and engine power.  That is seperate from the -200IGW.

>>I'm unclear as to the development of the 777-100X and 777-300IGW.
>The 777-100X proposal was a shortened 777-200IGW, roughly, with very,
>very long range.  Boeing found that none of their customers, except

Right.  I wasn't sure what had happened with that.  Books from a few years
back all kind of have that "May fly as soon as 1999" type wording...

>Singapore Airlines, were very interested in a super long-range plane
>smaller than the 777-100X.  Meanwhile, engine performance was improving
>more quickly than Boeing had expected, so they abandoned the idea of a
>shorter 777 and instead focused on an even higher weight 777-200 for

Ok, so the -100X was stillborn and they're focusing on the -200/300 as
growth bases.  Makes sense.

>this market.  One proposal was a 777-300 with a fuselage shortened by
>33'3" (i.e., the same length as the -200, but with the stronger
>structure of the larger aircraft), another was for a 720,000 lbs MGTOW

Interesting hybrid.  They'd probably take out the 5th door then I
suppose.  Soudns like a -200 with the wing and wingbox of the -300.

>   Boeing is studying a derivative of the 777-200 that could fly
>   nearly 10,000 miles, as well as a longer-range derivative of
>   the 777-300.

I wonder how far the could push it.  They still aren't storing fuel
outboard of the wing-fold lines are they?  And they can also use the
horizontal stab too.  I'd love to see how far it could go using all of
the available fuel storage options.

(Of course I'd also like to see just ONE customer order folding wings -
just to see it used...)

>The "777-400" mentioned in several recent posts here refers to a
>possible further stretch.  My recollection is that Boeing has not

Ok.  Blue skying.  I don't see the point in a larger stretch:
1. The -300 is the longest airliner already.  Making it longer could make
airport handling 'interesting'.
2. It'd compete with the 747-400, and possibly the -500/600 plans to some

Personally I was kind of surprised that they kept the MD-11 in production
beyond just filling existing orders.  You'd think the 777 would be the
pick of the litter to take that entire market.

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