Re: Question: Fuel Dumping

Date:         21 Jan 97 01:32:27 
From: (John Knopp)
Organization: National Hackers Association
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Pete Finlay <> wrote:


>AFAIK, the 'approach climb', and 'landing climb' don't enter into it
>(whatever they are)

In the US, we have approach climb and landing climb charts to give us
and idea of go-around capability and obstacle clearance at various
weights should a missed approach be initiated at low altitude.

Most of the time you're only limited by structural landing weight but
there are occasions where the approach climb numbers figure
prominently in the equation if a missed approach requires a greater
than normal climb rate, such as airports in mountainous terrain or
"downtown" airports where a go-around would take you near tall
buildings or radio/TV towers.

John Knopp
Cleveland, OH