Re: Why are all airliners white? - Concorde temporary paintscheme

Date:         21 Nov 97 01:59:55 
From:         k_ish <>
Organization: Netcom
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Karl Swartz wrote:
> >I have seen a picture of a 'Pepsi' Concorde, painted all blue
> >with the Pepsi logo on the tail
> >However I heard that they could not fly supersonic in this
> >paintscheme as the plane would overheat ??
> That was a common rumor but it doesn't appear to be based in fact --
> I've seen reports that it did indeed fly at supersonic speeds while
> wearing Pepsi Blue.  Perhaps not for very long though.

I looked at a book this evening, "Dream Scheme", about unique / special
event / one-off airliner paint schemes.  The AF Pepsi Concorde was one
of the planes.  It made a tour of Europe and the Mediterranean; it was
limited to 3 supersonic flights of 15 minutes each due to thermal

> >It occurred to me that painting, then repainting (back to white)
> >a Concorde must be an extremely expensive undertaking ? Is it possible
> >they would use some 'washable' paint ? Presumably not water based
> >in case of rain, but some mild solvent perhaps ????
> It may be possible, but the Pepsi Concorde was a full repaint (and
> then back to Air France colors).  The Pepsi paint required 2,000 man
> hours and 300 liters of paint, and reportedly cost $300,000.

<snip>And it was changed back to AF livery ten days later at equal cost
according to the book.

Ken Ishiguro