Re: Boeing decisions on Douglas products

Date:         21 Nov 97 01:59:54 
From: (Malcolm Weir)
Organization: Little to None
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On 20 Nov 97 02:53:42 , "Mihir Shah" <> caused to appear as if
it was written:

>Benont wrote in message ...
>Excuse me?  McDonnell-Douglas had pretty much pulled the plug on all future
>wide-body developments, or at the very least, there were very weak
>arguements for those developments.  The MD-11 has apparently survived, at
>least for a few years, but the MD-12?!  Could you please back up your
>comment with a source, article, news release, announcement, etc.?
>(Moderator(s):  How did this message get though?...seems very
>uncharacteristic for a m.t.a-i posting (i.e.: no substantiation, etc.))

You may find it strange, but it is true!

As has been mentioned before, Boeing bought more than a bunch of military
work and some assembly lines.  They also bought some pretty smart people.

Now, the MD-12 design has been floating around for some years, but McDD
could never justify the development.  It was formally rejected as a
development project in 1993, but that was a business decision based on
McDD's situation, and the economy, at the time.

Following the acquisition, Boeing acquired the MD-12 as a potential starting
point for a competitor to the A3XX (if it decides that it needs one), and
one which the airlines might like more than the original 747-500X and -600X
that were proposed and then canceled at the beginning of this year.

Mihir, you may want to retract your note to the moderators, since there is a
half-page article on the subject, including an artist's impression of the
MD-12, in the 10 -16 September issue of Flight International (page 7).

The article goes on to say: "The favoured target (of a Boeing NLA study
group) appears to be an aircraft slightly larger than the MD-12, which was
offered in two main versions: a 14,800km range aircraft with 430 seats and a
13,320km range aircraft with 511 seats".