Re: Overhead Bins

Date:         21 Nov 97 01:59:54 
From:         Marc Schaeffer <>
Organization: None
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P. Wezeman wrote:
>    There have been several newspaper articles about the danger and
> inconvenience of excess carry on baggage recently. The "Wall Street
> Journal" even mentioned people stowing bowling balls, which I hope
> is unusual.

I saw thinks like scateboards, wine-sixpacks, metallic trolleys stored
in the bins ...

>    From their looks, overhead bins seem to be intended to hold blankets,
> pillows, jackets and coats, and perhaps small soft-sided luggage. They
> do not seem to be designed to contain dangerous missiles in a crash;
> many of the complaints are about things falling out and hitting people
> during normal flight or while stowing or unstowing things.

Don't forget in-flight turbulences

>    Is the danger more apparent than real? Are people ever injured or
> killed by objects from overhead bins in what would otherwise be a
> survivable crash, or do the objects tend to end up in the aisle instead?

Either in the aisle or in the head of C, D, G or H passengers

> If there is sufficient warning before a forced landing, do cabin
> attendants attempt to remove the most dangerous items from overhead?

All depends on the situation and the cabin crew itself, even if
instructions tell you to do something specific.

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