Re: Overhead Bins

Date:         21 Nov 97 01:59:54 
From:         Jan Klier <>
Organization: Hewlett-Packard Company
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There also was an article in the Denver Post. It talked about an even
bigger concern with people trying to take their luggage with them in
case of emergency evacuations. They were talking about people jumping
of the wing during an evacuation with a bag in each hand, and
evacuations taking much longer because of people trying to grab as
many bags as possible.  It was also stated that occasionally glass
bottles contained in that luggage brake when falling of the emergency
slides creating an additional hazard.
  The article stated that several airlines were asking for a new FAA
rule regarding limits on size and weigth and number of bags to get
consistent rules across carriers. Actually that might be more driven
by United who now is playing with a one bag rule to improve on-time
departure and probably wants to avoid having a competitive
disadvantage against carriers without that limitation.
  As a passenger, I'm sometimes surprised on what people are trying to
bring on board. But even worse, on how often they ignore the fasten
seatbelt sign during turbulence and go ahead and open overhead bins
just to get something from their bags.


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