Re: Virgin Atlantic A340 Undercarriage incident

Date:         21 Nov 97 01:59:53 
From: (James Matthew Weber)
Organization: Customer of Access One Pty Ltd, Melbourne, Australia
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>There seemed to be a huge delay in getting the runway cleared
>afterwards - about 24 hours before the aircraft was finally
>moved. The impact on schedules - especially European and
>domestic was terrible. I was surprised that the A340 wasn't moved
>off the runway and everything cleared up before the next morning.

Don't expect a lot of rationality from airport management. Everybody
and his brother probably wants to investigate to make sure they are
not at fault, and no incriminating evidence is accidentally altered.
Fixing blame and avoid blame is far more important that the disruption
to only 70,000 passengers or so...

a few years ago I was on my way up to Langkawi for the first LIMA
show.  We were delayed leaving KUL for an hour, and then parked at
Penang for another hour.. Turned we were waiting for a Mig-29 to get a
new tire.

The Mig-29 after getting in the days practice had popped a tire on
landing. Just left it in the middle of the runway for 3 hours while
they replaced the tire!!! Only 1 runway (albeit a long one) at

Such is life these days..