Re: No. of wheels and runways

Date:         21 Nov 97 01:59:53 
From:         "David Fielding" <>
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I don't know of specific regulations of weight-per-wheel, or any published
data about specific airports. The engineers must have all sorts of data
about the runways which the plane is designed to fly from.

AFAIK, the advantages of multi-wheel bogeys over one big wheel are for both
plane and runway. For the plane, it means a larger contact patch, more
braking area, and redundancy. I'm not sure what penalty is incurred in
weight or stowage, if any.

For the runway, of course, multi-wheels spread the weight over a larger
area. I read about the first B-36 bomber in the 1940's, which had two HUGE
main wheels - 100 inches, I think. It was limited to the thickest concrete
runways in existence - even taxiing on regular ramps would crack the
pavement. The production version of the plane switched to a 4-wheel bogey
on each main gear.

Anyone know of any weight-per-area regs?

- David Fielding