Re: A340-500/600 vs. B777-200X/B747-200X etc.

Date:         21 Nov 97 01:59:51 
From:         kls@ohare.Chicago.COM (Karl Swartz)
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>Adding another 10 meters to the 777-300 (let's call it a
>777-400X) is something Karl Swartz and I discussed early this year.

Hi M!  :-)

>Basically, we concluded that the wings are up to the task without
>modification, but that higher thrust engines would be required.

Both of these depend on the MGTOW, of course.  The 777-200IGW goes up
to 632,500 lbs, with 90,000 lbs thrust engines.  The 777-300 can go as
high as 660,000 lbs max, using 90-98k thrust engines.  I would guess
the -300 wing is beefed up a little bit from that of the -200IGW, but
I don't really know.

A stretched version (a "747-400X") at the same weight would be ok if
you didn't mind giving up some range.  No reason it could use the same
engines as well.  Higher thrust engines wouldn't accomplish much if
the wing can't handle a higher MGTOW.  Trouble is, the range would not
be very impressive, probably less than that of the A-market 777 and
thus not a very good replacement for the 747-100, much less the -200.

Higher range needs a higher MGTOW and that means both a beefed-up wing
and higher-thrust engines.  At one point, the proposed 777-200X could
go up to 720,000 lbs, with 105k+ engines.  That wing/engine pair would
also give a -400X range that would make it a more direct replacement
for the rope-start 747s.

>Range would not be particularly impressive


>a fifth door would almost certainly be required.

That's a real good bet given that the 777-300 already has one.  Maybe
a sixth door would be required?  It probably depends on whether Boeing
views the plane as being viable for the charter and Japanese domestic

>A 777-400X would be well suited to the Japanese domestic market e.g.

I think that's more likely than charter work.  BTW, it's HND, not NRT,
and at the other end it may still be OSA.

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