Re: 747-400 Initial Cruise

Date:         20 Nov 97 02:53:43 
From:         "Michael F. Lechnar" <>
Organization: nams
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Filip De Vos wrote:
> Jan-Olov Newborg ( wrote:
> : Boeing 767 flying from Bangkok to Europe, many the times get final level
> : 270 inbound New Dehli, a common level for Beach 200, all because B767
> : cruises to slow compared to B747-400 and MD11 and traffic control keeps
> : 767 down at low alt. After India over Afganistan and Russia higher level
> : is given to the slow B767.
> So much for Boeing's marketing claims that the big wing of the 767
> allowed the aircraft to climb to high altitude quicker, giving an
> advantage over the small-winged A310.

You are as wrong as you can be.  Cruising altitudes over India have more
to do with the woefull state of Indian ATC than of the cruise altitude
capability of the 767.  747-400's are regularly put at 27,000 ft.  It
all depends on what appears to be whimsy on the part of ATC as well as

[Moderator's Note:  I took Filip's note to be a reflection on the ATC
problems you mention.  He's right, in that a technical advantage is of
little value if you aren't allowed to use it.  Of course, the advantage
*does* hold on many other routes, especially some major ones like the
North Atlantic where the 767 is far more likely to be competing against
the A310.  -- Karl]

BTW:  How many A310s are in use on long hauls from SE Asia to Europe vs.
the number of 767s?

Mike Lechnar