Re: Douglas DC-5

Date:         20 Nov 97 02:53:41 
From:         Jan Willem de Wijn <>
Organization: PaiR Communicatie
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Tom Gibson wrote:

> > division in the spring of 1940; these planes were transferred to the
> > Far East as WWII advanced. At that point,KLM had bought at least one
> > of every airliner Douglas had produced.

The airline ordered four DC-5's in 1939 for use on its European routes.
When WWII broke out two of these aircraft were delivered to the East
Indies Branch (KNILM) and two to the West Indies Branch of KLM at
Curacao. The latter two were sent to the former Dutch East Indies in

1. Initially ordered for KLM as PH-AXA (to be named Valk/ Falcon). As
PJ-AIW, named 'Wakago', delivered may 1940 to West Indies. Forwarded to
East Indies (KNILM) as PK-ADD in june 1941

2. Initially ordered for KLM as PH-AXB (to be named Houtduif/ Wood
As PJ-AIZ, named 'Zonvogel (sunbird)', delivered to West Indies.
Forwarded to East Indies (KNILM) as PK-ADC in may 1941

3. Initially ordered by KLM as PH-AXE (to be named Eend/ Duck). As
PK-ADB delivered to East Indies (KNILM) in october 1940

4. Initially ordered by KLM as PH-AXG (to be named Grutto/ Godwit), this
aircraft was also delivered to the Dutch East Indies in october 1940.

The first three aircraft escaped from Java to Australia in March 1942
and were later sold to the USAAC. Number 4. was captured by the Japanese
on March 8th, 1942.

> KLM also went on to buy the DC-6B, DC-7C, DC-8,and DC-10 (I don't know
> if they had the 9).  A very loyal customer! (did they own any Boeing
> planes of that era?).

KLM operated a fleet of 6 DC-9-15's and 19 DC-9-30's between March 1966
and March 4th, 1989.