Re: Douglas DC-5

Date:         20 Nov 97 02:53:40 
From: (Filip De Vos)
Organization: University of Ghent, Belgium
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k_ish ( wrote:
: Stephen H. Westin wrote:
: > <snip> At that point, KLM had bought at least one
: > of every airliner Douglas had produced.
: >
: > I always wondered about the gap in the series DC-2, DC-3, DC-4, DC-6,
: > ...

: Question...KL also has operated DC8, 9, 10, and MD-11.  So are there any
: (M)D aircraft KL has not operated?  Just curious!

Yes. They snubbed the DC-9 Super 80 or MD-80, and bought 737-300 instead.
Even though SAS and Swissair, who were in the same consortium for
DC-products maintenance did buy them.

The KUSS consortium grouped KLM, Swissiar, SAS and UTA, ... I think.

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