Re: Virgin Atlantic A340 Undercarriage incident

Date:         20 Nov 97 02:53:40 
From:         trevfenn <>
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Pete Mellor wrote:

> Karl wrote on Sun Nov 16 05:16:17 1997:
> >  Several attempts were made to jar the
> > gear loose, to no avail.  With fuel running low, the aircraft finally
> > landed on the foamed south runway (27L, I assume) with only about 15
> > minutes of fuel remaining, ...
> All of the news reports I have seen stated that (in addition
> to trying to force the gear down with positive g), the pilots
> circled for 40 minutes to burn off excess fuel before attempting
> the crash landing. (Since the A340 has the capability to dump
> fuel, unlike the A320, this puzzled me a bit.)

Not all that puzzling really, If they dumped fuel there would have been
an outcry from the uninformed public about the plane pouring fuel all over
their houses or whatever. Burning it instead of dumping it achieves the
same result without feeding a media frenzy.

Trevor Fenn