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Date:         16 Nov 97 19:58:45 
From:         kls@ohare.Chicago.COM (Karl Swartz)
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>What the spotter may have picked up was reference to an incident in
>October 1996, which befell a BA 777-200A bound for Jeddah from London
>I have not checked the AAIB web-site lately to see whether they have
>reported on this or not. It would be interesting to know if they have.
>They've had plenty of time.

I just checked ( and the only
777 report is about a UA 777 which tangled wings with an AC 747-400 at

The AAIB has a very nice site, BTW, with considerably more detail than
the NTSB site ( and, in a few interesting cases,
complete accident reports.  The only problem is that the bulletins are
ordered by publication date, unlike the NTSB which organizes accidents
by accident date.

>UA complained in writing to Boeing in February 1996 and the letter was
>leaked, making a story in the National Business Review a month later ...

True, but subsequently United indicated that the problems weren't
significantly different than for any other new type.  Part of the
problem appeared to be expectations -- Boeing made a big deal about
the 777 being "service ready" from day one, and while they did very
well, there were still some bugs to be worked out.

>None of these problems, however, were safety-related, the story went on,
>and what was really bugging UA was poor dispatch reliability. So, if the
>777 is having problems, it seems that most of them relate either to the
>profitable operation of planes, not safety, or to teething troubles ...

Given the tremendous improvement in United's Atlantic Division over
the last year or two, which the airline attributes primarily to the
777, it doesn't seem that any 777 problems have been hurting them too

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