Re: A340-500/600 vs. B777-200X/B747-200X etc.

Date:         16 Nov 97 19:58:45 
From:         Marc Schaeffer <>
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Jun Eu Tang wrote:
> I thought the A340-500/600 has already been launched by Virgin and Air
> Canada. Maybe it is not official yet?

Both Virgin (VS) and Air Canada (AC) signed LOI, thus no firm orders.
According to AW&ST the target for industrial launch of the -500/600
program is 25 orders. VS has LOI for 16 -600. AC for 2 -500 and 3 -600.
With the new LOI of Eva for 6 -500/600, Airbus is now over the fixed
target of 25 a/c (16+5+6=27). Note that the LH management has agreed to
purchase 10 -600. This should be announced in the next days.

> I recall that both EVA and CAL signed LoI's for the B777, and the former
> was interested in the combi version. What does it mean in terms of level
> of commitment when airlines sign Letters of Intent (LoI)?

It all depends on how good your lawyers are :-)

> A340's are probably great aircraft (many believe it has superior cabin
> noise levels), although I have only flown in the A330 among new
> generation airbuses. However, the cabin width is significantly less than
> that of the MD-11 and the B777. It will be interesting to see how EVA
> intends to configure those new airbuses, especially in Evergreen Deluxe
> since they had 2-3-2 in the MD11s.

Concerning the cabin noise (after having flown both birds) I think that
the 340 is quiter, but I would like to see some values to confirm this.
(see other thread)

> Well... regarding the B777-200X. The currency crisis affecting South
> East Asian nations might really hurt the Malaysia Airlines order (for 15
> units, AFAIK), don't you think? I don't know if they signed any LoI or
> MoU or whatever.

According to a Reuters report CX will not introduce a new derivative of
the 340 or 777 due to the current economy problems. This report was
published in several places. Another reason was the problems CX had with
the Trents of the 330 and smaller problems on the 777. This may also
explain the recent CX order for B744/A343/A333.
Concerning the MOU for the 777C signed by Malaysia you make a good

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