Re: America West - Scary Take-Off

Date:         16 Nov 97 19:58:44 
From:         "J P McLaughlin" <jp@thegeckogroup.$%#&>
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There are many situations where pilots are asked to perform 'an immediate
left (right) turn on departure.' This is usually to keep clear of other
traffic. It's up to the crew to perform this manuever in a safe manner and
it may seem a bit odd if you haven't been through it before. I can think of
a number of departures (usually ORD) where we've begun a turn 3-4 seconds
past liftoff.

Then again, it may have been weather-realted. Aircraft are at the whim of
mother nature at times and that's why you have skilled pilots up front.

J P McLaughlin
The Gecko Group

Robert Tremonti wrote in message ...
>I took America West's flight 819 from Pheonix to Vancouver on Wednesday
>November 12th and it was a bit scary on take-off.  Wonder if anyone has
>heard any details on this?