Re: Concorde's other customers

Date:         15 Nov 97 16:24:45 
From:         "Dan Khimasia" <>
Organization: NETCOM Canada
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Jay Vassos-Libove wrote in message ...
>A recent post here about orders placed for Boeing's '2707' SST
>(prior to the program's cancellation) got a reply which indicated
>a laundry list of airlines, US and foreign, which had also placed
>orders for the Concorde.
>This raised the question in my mind:  Why did no airlines other than
>BA and AF ever actually get any Concordes, since there were a dozen
>or more orders for it from other airlines?

There are a number of reasons why airlines other than AF/BA never flew the
1)The increase in fuel prices in the mid 70s made the Concorde a very
expensive aircraft to operate.
2)Tied to this is the low capacity of the aircraft (114 pass?)
3)Environmental concerns tied to noise and emissions.
4)The cost of individual aircraft due to the immense development cost.
Most of the airlines such as Quantas, Air Canada etc.. had options on the
aircraft which they never exercised.

Dan Khimasia