Re: Concorde's other customers

Date:         15 Nov 97 16:24:44 
From:         Andrew Weir <>
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> This raised the question in my mind:  Why did no airlines other than
> BA and AF ever actually get any Concordes, since there were a dozen
> or more orders for it from other airlines?

Surely the main reason was very simple, and is the heart of why all civil
supersonic transports are fundamentally unsound (quite apart from take-off
noise, pollution and the ozone layer depletion)? Nobody will tolerate
sonic bangs over land. To the uninitiated, describing a sonic bang ("boom"
is a complete misnomer) is simple: it is simply the loudest noise you ever
heard in your life.

Without its extra speed, the only thing giving it an edge, it was useless
(with the exception of some Atlantic and maybe polar routes). The great
mystery to me is why the sonic bang problem was not addressed before the
prototype flew. And as for its normal noise, ever heard one of them
take-off? Ouch.