Re: Strange buzzing sound on DC-9

Date:         15 Nov 97 16:24:44 
From:         Bill Hensley <>
Organization: TRW Oklahoma City Engineering Office
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jf mezei wrote:
> [...]I started to hear a buzz [...].

You very well might have heard a vibrating antenna on the aircraft.  I
have been on three aircraft with external antenna vibrations:  an EC-135
with a vibrating HF longwire antenna pylon (this was a 10-hour flight
Somewhere Over The American Midwest, the noise drove us crazy), an AE/AA
ATR-72 with a vibrating VHF blade antenna (ORD-DAY,over Lake Michigan),
and an AA F100 (OKC-DFW) with a vibrating UHF blade antenna.  In all
cases, the noise was very, very loud in the cabin, and in all three
cases, maintenance gripes were written against the aircraft by the

Cheers, Bill