Re: Strange buzzing sound on DC-9

Date:         15 Nov 97 16:24:44 
From:         Bob Mann <>
Organization: R.W. Mann & Company, Inc.
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jf mezei wrote:
> On saterday afternoon, (Nov 1), at about 16:15 EST, I was riding my bike
> ...
> I started to hear a buzz above/behind me and thought it was an
> ultra-light plane... It was in fact
> (most probably) a DC-9 on approach to YUL. ...
>  the sound was definitely VERY different than that
> of a jet and also louder ... Was this just a weather anomaly which caused
> the sounds to be so
> different ? Is this a normal sound for DC-9s that have been huskitted  ?

Sure it wasn't a CRJ?  The fan section on that aircraft has a pronounced
"buzz" at low power settings, such as on approach, just like the A-10 which
uses the engine from which the CRJ's is derived.

- Bob Mann

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