Re: Boeing considering ultra-long range 747-200X

Date:         15 Nov 97 16:24:43 
From:         kls@ohare.Chicago.COM (Karl Swartz)
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>> Cathay Pacific, EVA Air (Taiwan), and Qantas are mentioned as potential
>> customers for the aircraft, which could be launched as early as next
>> May if there is sufficient interest.

>How would Boeing be able to produce this 200x given their current
>production is so overbooked?  ... I fail to see how a new
>derivitive could be delivered in May 98.

The claim was that the new derivative could be *launched* next May,
not delivered.  One of the shorter derivative gestations I can recall
is the 757-300:

   Launch:    2 Sep 1996
   Roll-out:    Jun 1998
   Delivery:    Jan 1999

A May 1998 launch of the 747-200X suggests a first delivery no earlier
than late 2000.  If Boeing hasn't gotten their production problems in
order by then, they'll be in serious trouble.

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